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Expensive materials used in aerospace, energy and medical industries can be formed into near net shapes by laser metal deposition to reduce total production time. Additive manufacturing of different types of metals can be used for increased durability and anti-corrosiveness.

Additive Manufacturing Method

Laser from the nozzle center melts the base material and the metal powder supplied from around the nozzle.

Heat source: Laser
Laser resonator: Direct Diode 1.0 kW, 2.0 kW, 4.0 kW, 6.0 kW
Spot diameter: To suit the application
Material: Metal powder

Wire arc AM

Advanced additive manufacturing (AM) technology integrated into multi-tasking 5 axis machining centre.

  • Produce parts in the minimum amount of time – ideal for prototype component production
  • Deposit a different kind of material on a base material for increased versatility

Wire arc AM is suitable for a variety of processes, such as; component near net shape, repair of molds, and other AM applications.

Additive Manufacturing Method

Metal wire melted by an electrical arc is deposited on a base material. Programmable welding automation is performed.

Heat: Electric Arc
Type of arc: MIG
Max. current: 300 A
Material: Metal wire Φ1.0 mm (Φ0.04“), Φ1.2 mm (Φ0.05“)


Near net shape

A near net shape workpiece normally requires a casting to be produced. With additive manufacturing technology, the casting process is not necessary for considerably reduced production time.

Tire Mold (Automotive)

Base material: A5052
Added material: A5356

Shaft (General Machinery)

Base material: SUS316
Added material: Inconel 7 18

Screw Conveyor (General Machinery)

Base material: SUS304
Added material: SUS316L


Adding a surface coating

Material cladding can be performed on a different type of base material to increase durability.

Impeller (Automotive)

Base material: SUS316
Added material: Stellite #6

Roll die Cutter (Die and Mold)

Base material: S45C
Added material: HSS

Blade (Agricultural Equipment)

Base material: SUS304
Added material: Tungsten Carbide



For the machining of a repair part, additive manufacturing and finish machining can be performed in a single workpiece setup.

Turbo Impeller (Automotive)

Base material: Inconel 718
Added material: Inconel 718

Sheet Metal Mold (Die and Mold)

Base material: SKD61
Added material: SKD61

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