High Rigidity Structure

The machine structure is designed & analyzed with CAE system, & simulation is carried out for all axis actions in the structure. The machine body design is the rigidity T type structure, to reduce work table loading & thermal deformation effects maintaining the precision of the machine.

A.    Functional U, V Axis & High Rigidity Spindle
  • U, V, Z axis strategically placed on the upper column enhances rigidity and ensures stable and high precision.
Wire-Receiving System
  • The wire-receiving system uses Japanese brand Panasonic AC Servo motor (AWT system), magnet power clutch, retrieve wire motor and catch wire system. It can adjust for small vibrations, preventing the wire action from becoming unstable.
  • The wire-sending system uses a wire tension permanent generator control system that keeps the tension of the stable.
B.    Functional U, V Axis & High Rigidity Spindle
  • We use high accurate linear guide ways and couple with our patented linear and block design.
  • For the X, Y axis we use a spacious and strong machine structure design.
Auto Wire-Threading System (A.W.T)
  • Our design for the Automatic Wire Threading system uses the electric current to melt the wire down.

Our standard Wire Cut EDM can thread with Ø0.15mm brass wire easily.

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