• Select the industrial PC system (IPC) compatibility construct, its collocation the industrial C.F card (Compact Flash card) and support the USB copy / read data function, it will save the date easy and convenient, reliable.
  • Chinese & English display.
  • Metric & British system display & program setting.
  • 1,000 stations processing programs.
  • Simplify the program editing; with one block command, you can finish the line multi-cavity machining and matrix multi-cavity
  • 10 files, and there are 256 sets processing parameter memory in each file; it can store the processing conditions.
  • Automatically Edge finding, Home finding, Center or Inner hole finding, and Apex finding.
  • The Conversation type program with Loop & Call, Note & Pause, Mark / Copy / Delete Block and Skip line function, It more easy to learn and write & edit the program.
  • With Side loran function (X, Y axis), Angle Vector machining function, and ARC clockwise & ARC counter Clockwise function.
  • Single or 3 axis lateral machining, Round orbiting, Square orbiting, Vector machining.
  • Optional accessories A.T.C., C Axis (Including the helical-gear machining, C-X / C-Y axis lateral rock machining, and other applied machining commands).

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