ACE Series, compact Tight Flask Molding Machine offers the next level casting production with its’ innovative technology using Aeration Sand Filling.


  • Aeration Sand filling technology and adjustable zone squeeze pressure technology achieves uniformly dense molds & dimensional precise castings
  • Average maximum mold rate of 150 molds/hour with single station or 240 molds/hour with twin type station
  • Spill sand is eliminated and cut-off sand is minimized allowing for lower sand preparation requirements
  • Excellent pattern draw by leveling frame
  • Simple design allows for ease of maintenance and low energy consumption
  • Compact size for reduced installation space


  • Wear-resistent leveling seal for pattern bolster
  • Auto pattern changer
  • Wear-resistent nozzle
  • Pattern heater
  • Hydraulic pre-set pad
  • Additional pattern bolster
  • Clamp-type pattern bolster

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