HCP Series 200G-600 tons 
High Speed Forging Press HCP Series


High Speed Forging Press HCP Series is suitable for processing forging needed in hand tools, autos, motorcycles bicycles, trains, ships, machine tools, textile machines, woodwork machines, conveying equipment, mining machinery, hardware parts, etc. it's an indispensable machinery equipment for modernized forging plants, because it can produce precision forgings that can meet customer's quality and delivery requirements. The machine is a sharp production tool for forging plants.

1. The machine is welded by high rigid steel plates, and being normalized for stress relieving, eliminated all the internal stress. It's well organized, has strong body, ensure heavy stroke and is permanently durable.

2. Use automatic centralized lubricate system, it is PLC controlled which is very reliable and can increase the life span of the machine.

3. Multiple safe circuit loop control, protect the machine and extend the life span of the machine.

4. The crank shaft is forged by S45C carbon steel. it's normalized after forging then machined and fine ground. It has super wearing-resistance and won't change shape ever.

5. The cycle time of one stroke is quite short that can eliminate the wearing of the molds and promote the production.

6. Precision fitted with CNS specification.

High Production Efficiency 
Mold Life Cycle is Longer
High Speed Stroke Ram and Bed Ejector Design.
High Precision Forging Parts Stable Product QualityExtended Eight-Faced Guide Ways 
Unique Connecting Rod Design
Accurate Machine Structure Firm and DurableRigid Structure, Strong Shaft
Special Designed Devices Fulfill the
Environmental Protection Standards
Big Muffler to Reduce Noise
Lubricant Recycle System Equipped
Operation High Safety Easy to operatePLC Multi Circuit Loop System,
Automatic Enforced Lube System
Iron, Aluminum, Copper and Titanium 
Alloys are Practicable in forging
Ram Adjustment is 50mm High Torque
Item / ModelUnitHCP-200HCP-300HCP-400HCP-500HCP-600
Stroke of rammm15050505050
Adjustment of rammm5050505050
Number of strokeSpm100809085100
Work number of strokeSpm1816181616
Shut heightmm450600480510600
Rated tonnage pointmm55555
(L-R & F-B) Ram dimensionmm600*450630*470650*500670*600670*600
(L-R & F-B) Table dimensionmm700*800700*860750*920770*1100770*1100
(L-R & F-B) Side windowmm320*320320*520320*320400*370400*510
Main motorKwxp18.5kw*6p30kw*6p37kw*6p37kw*6p45kw*6p
Ram of adjustment motorKwxp0.375kw*4p0.375kw*4p0.75kw*4p0.75kw*4p0.75kw*4p
Motor of lubricationKwxp0.1kw*4p0.1kw*4p0.1kw*4p0.1kw*4p0.1kw*4p
Ejector in the ramTons-mm3Ton-20mm3Ton-20mm3Ton-20mm3Ton-20mm3Ton-20mm
Ejector in the tableTons-mm5Ton-40mm5Ton-40mm5Ton-40mm5Ton-40mm5Ton-40mm
Ejector hydraulic oil motorKwxp3.7kw*6p3.7kw*6p3.7kw*6p3.7kw*6p3.7kw*6p
Air pressurekg/cm255555
Press weightkg17,50022,00027,00032,00035,000
(L*W*H*) Press dimensionmm2550*2135*38202630*2181*42452675*2307*40682829*2490*43102829*2490*4450

Standard Accessories:

Overrun Protection SystemAutomatic Lubrication SystemEjector Control System
Angle IndicatorWork Spot lightMold Height Indicator
Motor drive/ Manual Mold height Adjustor  
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