Trung tâm gia công kính CNC NRG 250-3


3-axis working center ideal for furnishings

A 3-axis working center, ideal for processing glass for furnishings. It drills, mills and edges, both internally and externally, and writes using candle tools.


Working plane height with suction cups

950 mm

X axis stroke

2800 mm

Y axis stroke

1320 mm

Z axis stroke

130 mm

Axes speed

65 m/min.

Spindle speed

11.000 RPM

Spindle max. power

5 kW (6.7 HP)

Spindle constant power

3.7 kW (5 HP)

Max. workable dimensions with tool

2500x1200 mm

Workable thickness

3 ÷ 19 mm

Tool diameter

Ø8÷Ø120 mm

Store positions (optional)

10 (optional)