Trung tâm gia công kính CNC NRG 330


3- or 4-axis working center for any glass processing need

A working center designed to meet all glass processing needs.It is especially suitable for architectural, furniture, shower door and interior design.


Working plane height without suction cups

670 mm

X axis stroke

3420 mm

Y axis stroke

1820 mm

Z axis stroke

300 mm

C axis stroke

0°÷ 360° continuous

Axes speed

50 m/min

Spindle speed

12.000 RPM

Max. workable dimensions

3300x1700 mm

Workable dimensions with optional additional table

3700x1700 mm

Workable thickness

3 ÷ 19 mm

Tool diameter

Ø8÷Ø150 mm

Standard store positions


Optional additional tool store positions