Trung tâm gia công kính CNC ALPA 450N


ALPA is a multifunction center for machining glass. ALPA has been designed for drilling, milling, edge finishing, bevelling, geometric and artistic engraving, shaped pockets and disk cutting.


Working plane height with suction cups

(height of suction cups 125 mm)

625  mm

X axis stroke

4936 mm

Y axis stroke

2740 mm

Z axis stroke 

300 mm

C axis stroke

0° ÷ 360° continuous

Axis speed

36  m/min

Spindle speed

9.000 RPM

Max. spindle power

9.6 kW (13 HP)

Max. workable sizes of piece(with tool of 120 Ø)

4500x2500 mm

Max. workable thickness

2 ÷  100 mm

Tools diameter

Ø 8÷Ø150 mm

Standard tools diameter

Ø 120 mm.

Standard tools store positions