Máy mài song cạnh XtraEdger

Xtra productivity and quality, even with demanding thicknesses

XtraEdge is the Glaston new range of double edging machines with cup wheels, bringing customers “Xtra” productivity and quality in flat edge glass processing with arrises and corner cutting.

The new balanced spindles add more power and quality at high processing speed while the double driven conveyor enhances processing quality even with demanding thicknesses. The patented automatic intermediate bar allows fast size changes without compromising the minimum workable dimensions. A single electrical cabinet and control panel increase ergonomics and reduce the overall footprint.

XtraEdge consists of more than 10 models available in many configurations that can be customized according to needs.


Số trục 




Chiều dày kính gia công lớn nhất 

1600-2200-2600-3000-3300-4000- 4500-5100-6000-7200 mm 

Tốc độ gia công 

0 - 5 m/min 

Chiều dày gia công 

3 - 25 mm